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Wed Feb 3 01:14:10 EST 2010


My name is JP Simmons.  I am retired technician with a working knowledge of science but without any real authority to make certain statements.   I am one of many who engage "creationists" in the tired old debate regarding creation vs evolution.    It occurs to me that the opponents of evolution simply are not defining the term correctly.   I am repeatedly told either directly or through implication that evolution is defined as "life coming into being (originating) by chance".    I say that evolution does not address the origin of life since that is as yet an open topic.   I maintain that evolution is merely a word which describes how, over time, life forms change.

I'd like to ask for an authoritative definition of the term so that I may have some strength in response beyond my own ability to convince.   Will someone in your group be good enough to give me a short paragraph in which evolution is defined being sure to mention whether or not it is concerned with the actual origins of life?

If you will be kind enough to include some authenticating statement or signature I will be eternally grateful.

Thank You for your kind response,

James Simmons
Boulevard, Ca.

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