[Bioforum] IEEE VAST Challenge 2010

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Mon Jun 7 13:16:16 EST 2010

The VAST Challenge is a participation category of the IEEE VAST 2010
Symposium (part of VisWeek 2010). The VAST 2010 Challenge continues in
the footsteps of the VAST 2009 Challenge, VAST 2008 Challenge and the
2007 and 2006 contests with the purpose of pushing the forefront of
visual analytics tools using benchmark data sets and establishing a
forum to advance visual analytics evaluation methods. We also hope it
will speed the transfer of VA technology from research labs to
commercial products, and increase the availability of evaluation

In order to provide more opportunities for increased participation we
will again offer an overall Grand Challenge as well as several smaller
Mini Challenges.

The 1st mini-challenge involves text documents; the second mini-
challenge use medical record data and death records. The third mini-
challenge asks you to analyze genetic sequences.

The challenge is open to EVERYBODY. Teams may enter one or more mini
Challenges independently of the entering the Grand Challenge. ALL
teams submitting an entry to a VAST Challenge will be invited to
discuss their work during a challenge workshop.

Entries will be judged on both the correctness of the analysis (based
on the availability of ground truth) and the utility of the tools in
conducting the analysis.


Questions? Send email to challengecommittee AT cs.umd.edu

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