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                      4th Annual Biomarkers Conference
    From characterisation and discovery, through to clinical trials and
             patient safety - your complete guide to biomarkers
   1st - 2nd December 2011, Visiongain Conference Centre, London EC1, UK
   Background info
   Key Speakers
   Claudio Carini, Translational Medicine, Pfizer
   Harsukh Parmar, Global Head of Early Clinical Development, Respiratory
   & Inflammation Therapy Area, AstraZeneca
   Laura K. Richman, Vice President, MedImmune
   Ge Ruigt, Director Experimental Medicine Neuroscience, Merck
   Ian Hudson, Director of Licensing Division, MHRA
   David Brooks, Acting Head of the Depart of Clinical Neuroscience,
   Imperial College London
   Peter Parker, Professor of Cancer Cell Biology, Kings College,
   University of London
   Christian Czech, Group Leader Translational Biomarkers, Roche
   Theresa Zhang , Research Fellow, Merck
   Parag Acharya, R&D Manager, Unilever R&D
   Anna-Christine Bay-Jensen, Group Manager, Cartilage Biology and
   Biomarkers, Nordic Bioscience
   Maarten Van Roy, Associate Scientist, Pharmacology, Ablynx
   Sharmilee Gnanapavan, Neurology Specialist Registrar, Barts and the
   London NHS Trust
   Hayley Whitaker, Research Associate, Cancer Research UK Cambridge
   Research Institute 
   In 2010, the global biomarkers market was an estimated value of $13.5
   billion. Forecasters predict significant growth in the years ahead
   with estimates of $33.3 billion by the end of 2015. This growth will
   most certainly be driven by the current demand for biomarkers in drug
   discovery and other areas of R&D . The use of biomarkers during early
   stages of a product development is already saving costs and time in
   the industry by indicating the possibility of failure at an earlier
   stage in the research process. CROs have now recognised the commercial
   opportunities of biomarkers and are forming partnerships with
   providers and building in-house capabilities.
   Visiongains 4th Biomarkers Conference will provide attendees with an
   in-depth understanding of the use of biomarkers in R&D and will
   explore recent developments in this fast growing sector. Industry
   experts will also address unmet needs, challenges and discuss
   practical aspects of biomarker implementation.
   Why you should attend this conference 
   Hear the regulatory perspective biomarkers in drug development
   Review novel targets in biomarker discovery
   Discuss how biomarkers can accelerate your clinical development
   See how improvements in technologies are leading to better efficiency
   of biomarkers
   Analyse biomarkers and their role in drug development
   Assess preclinical safety considerations
   Discuss predictive biomarker discovery and development for cancer
   Understand the role of EEG as a biomarker in psychiatry
   Evaluate biomarkers discovery using non-invasive metabolomics &
   Who should attend this conference? 
   Senior VPs, Chief Scientific Officers, Directors, Managers,
   Professors, Scientists, and Principal Investigators in:
   Biomarker Development Programmes
   Clinical Pharmacology
   Clinical Research
   Drug Discovery and Development
   Recombinant DNA technology
   Medical imaging
   Safety Assessment
   Assay Development
   Proteomics/ Genomics Programmes
   Molecular toxicology
   Regulatory Affairs
   Translational Medicine
   Inflammation and Immunology
   Biological Sciences
   Pharmacokinetics & Drug Metabolism
   Genomics Business Development
   Cellular & Molecular Development
   Clinical Discovery Technologies
   Pharmacogenomics & Human Genetics
   Discovery Research
   To register or get a copy of the full conference agenda please contact
                               Sandy Nguyen 
   * Conference - are available for a special rate of only GBP £1299.
   Booking is simple! All you need to do to book a place at this
   conference is contact Sandy and provide the following information:
   Delegate Name
   Job Title
   Company Name
   Billing/Invoice Address
   Payment Methods: Invoice / Credit Card 
   For more information, you can either call me on:
   TEL: +44 (0)20 7549 9933 or
   email: [1]sandy.nguyen from vgpharma.com 
   Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or wish
   to make a booking. I look forward to hearing from you.
   Kind Regards,
   Sandy Nguyen  
   Sandy Nguyen               
   Tel: +44 (0)20 7549 9933
   sandy.nguyen from vgpharma.com
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