[Bioforum] Do you like FlyAtlas.org? Now FlyAtlas2 needs YOUR help!

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Thu Sep 6 09:28:51 EST 2012

Thank you for your use of FlyAtlas.org - this multi-tissue, multi-life stage expression atlas for Drosophila has now been cited over 680 times in Google Scholar. But now we need your help!

We are preparing a bid to the UK's BBSRC to update and expand FlyAtlas. Key features:
- RNAseq data for the SAME (20+) tissues as FlyAtlas.org, with the SAME flies, prepared by the SAME lab
- comprehensive - we will generate data for more tissues, including the difficult ones (at least as many as for  flyatlas 1)
- comparable - direct comparison with FlyAtlas 1.0 (Affy) data on a unified web page
- an updated interface, better linking to other species, mutant resources etc
- all data deposited directly in the public domain, as before
- programmatic calls (as before) so you can link to your own online resources
- discover new genes, new splice sites, new isoforms in your tissue of interest.
To be funded, we have to demonstrate user support!
If you find FlyAtlas useful, please email a letter of support to julian.dow from glasgow.ac.uk, with subject "FlyAtlas"
A short letter is fine; but if you have time to give more detail of how FlyAtlas has helped your work, that would also be greatly appreciated. (As well as just counting emails, we have the option to send some detailed letters through in full.)
Our deadline is the end of September, so please act now! And please circulate your lab...

Many thanks for your help, and hoping to continue to provide you with cutting-edge data in the future,

   Julian Dow for FlyAtlas.org

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