[Employment] Junior Research Group Leaders within the new Cluster of Excellence "BrainLinks - BrainTools"

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Wed Aug 8 05:07:26 EST 2012

The University of Freiburg invites applications for positions as

%%                                               %%
%% Junior Research Group Leaders                 %%
%% within the new                                %%
%% Cluster of Excellence “BrainLinks-BrainTools” %%
%%                                               %%

BrainLinks-BrainTools, an interdisciplinary research initiative in the field of neurotechnology,
unites research in the neurosciences, engineering, and clinical applications in Freiburg, thus
anchoring neurotechnology as a research axis between three faculties of the University and
their cooperation partners.

BrainLinks-BrainTools offers young scientists a creative and inspiring working environment in
the interdisciplinary research area where neurotechnology forms the intersection of neuroscience,
microsystems engineering, computer science, robotics, and clinical applications.
BrainLinks-BrainTools will offer advanced training in specific areas to actively consolidate the
new group, including courses in team management, support on obtaining further funding,
mentoring from senior scientists, and intensive interaction with other Junior Research
Group Leaders.

The junior groups will be funded for up to 5 years. Funding for each group includes the
position of the group leader, 2 PhD students, a start-up package as well as staff support. It
is expected that the Junior Research Group Leaders will be raising financial means from
third party funds during these 5 years to enlarge their respective groups.

Candidates should be highly qualified junior scientists, holding a PhD or MD with equivalent
qualification, and should have an excellent scientific track record plus at least 2 years
of postdoctoral experience in the research areas mentioned above. While there is no particular
restriction on the specific research area, we expect that the successful candidates
will establish synergistic collaborations with groups working in the cluster and that they
will actively contribute to the aims of the cluster. The positions will be integrated in the
Faculty of Biology, Engineering, or Medicine, depending on the chosen research program.

The University is seeking to increase the amount of female employees and one of the
goals of BrainLinks-BrainTools is to promote women in higher positions. Thus, we
strongly encourage applications from qualied female candidates.

Applications should include a full CV, a list of publications and the contact details of 3
referees. Additionally, we expect a brief outline of the intended research project (max.
3 pages), indicating the main research area and impact on BrainLinks-BrainTools’
main goals as part of the application. The outline should also refer to possibilities for
collaborations within the Cluster of Excellence.

All relevant information about BrainLinks-BrainTools are available on its homepage:

The applications should be sent by electronic mail (maximum of 3 documents and
10 MB size in total) to positions from brainlinks-braintools.uni-freiburg.de, where
further inquiries can also be directed to.

Short-listed candidates will be invited to submit a full research proposal that will
be reviewed by an evaluation board consisting of members of BrainLinks-
BrainTools and external experts.

Wolfram Burgard
Institute for Computer Science
University of Freiburg
Georges-Koehler-Allee 079
79110 Freiburg

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