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        *    Software and Database Developers Meeting     *
        *  National Center for Biotechnology Information  *
        *                 July 16, 1990                   *

   The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) of the National 
Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, will be holding an infor-
mational meeting for software and database developers, July 16, 1990, 8:30 AM 
to 4:30 PM.  The meeting will be held in the Lister Hill Auditorium (Building 
38A) on the NIH campus.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information

   The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) was established 
by Public Law 100-607 in November 1988 as a division of the National Library 
of Medicine.  The law states that the mission of the Center is to:

   1) Create automated systems for storing and analyzing knowledge about mo-
lecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics
   2) Perform research into advanced methods of computer based information 
processing for analyzing the structure and function of biologically important 
molecules and compounds
   3) Facilitate the use of databases and software by biotechnology research-
ers and medical care personnel
   4) Coordinate efforts to gather biotechnology information worldwide.

Presentation of current NCBI projects

GenInfo Backbone DNA and Protein Sequence Database:
   An integrated nucleic acid and protein sequence database produced at the 
National Library of Medicine from the 3500 journal titles indexed by Medline 
with additional titles from the National Library of Agriculture and other out-
side sources.  Designed as the foundation for further development of sequence 
related databases it is a broad based, current view of the scientific litera-
ture.  In addition to longer, newly reported sequences, it captures articles 
with new information about previously reported sequences, synthetic oligonu-
cleotides and oligopeptides, and PCR primers.  It provides explicit links to 
other databases and scientific nomenclatures.  The underlying philosophy,  
specific design documents (schema and ER diagram), and evaluation of current 
contents will be presented.

Data exchange standards for DNA and protein sequences:
   Introduction to an abstract model of biological sequences and its mapping 
to the GenInfo Backbone Database and richer objects.  Use of a formal Ab-
stract Syntax (ASN.1 - ISO 8824) as a descriptive medium, a potential flat 
file distribution format, and as a binary inter-process or network based data 
exchange protocol.

NCBI on-line services:
   Discussion of database access services for retrieval and sequence-based 
searches as modules integrable into a variety of systems.

NCBI software toolbox project.:
   Status report on the development of software tools at NCBI for interac-
tions with databases and analytical tools in a portable distributed fashion.  
Introduction to additional software tools and algorithms implemented or under 
development at NCBI for retrieval and analysis.


   As the NIH is consolidating the administration and design of molecular bi-
ology databases within the NLM, an important function of this meeting is to 
serve as a forum for developers to respond to NCBI's plans and to suggest ad-
ditional directions and projects.  This includes both form and content.  Time 
will be provided at the end of each section for comments and discussion.  A 
mechanism for written comments will also be available.  Materials will be pro-
vided to registrants ahead of time to allow familiarization with some of the 
issues to be presented.
   Groups with specific issues involving the NCBI projects may schedule a pri-
vate meeting with NCBI staff on the day following the meeting (July 17).
   The establishment of more formal user groups to maintain stable avenues of 
communication will be discussed and implemented.


   Both commercial and academic developers are welcome.  Registration is re-
quired and attendance is limited to 160.  There is no charge for registration 
and no reimbursement of expenses.  Since attendance is limited, please do not 
register if you do not definitely plan to attend.  To register, fill out and 
return the attached registration form or copy.


     Registration for NCBI Software and Database Developers Meeting
                          July 16, 1990

 Name: ___________________________________________________________________
 Institution: ____________________________________________________________
 Title: __________________________________________________________________
 Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________
 Telephone: Voice __________________________       FAX ___________________
 email address: ____________________________
 Do you wish to schedule a meeting with NCBI July 17?  Yes   No
 If yes, what do you wish to discuss? ____________________________________

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 Software Developers Meeting
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