ENZYME data bank: announcement and description. (fwd)

Michael Liebman zmnl01 at igor.nap.amoco.com
Thu Apr 12 22:52:21 EST 1990

The new/proposed ENZYME data bank announcement is welcomed, with an anticipated
release data of autumn, but at least one important factor should be considered
given the effort involved already in preparation as indicated in the forwarded
mail, namely that the EC numbers/nomeclature/categories are presently under
review, with committees of world-wide experts being utilized to recast each of
the major categories, with a more analytical approach to defining an enzyme's
category, etc.  This should be considered during the preparation phase of this

-dr.michael liebman, mail code F-2, Amoco Technology Co., PO Box 3011, Naperville
IL 60566, (708) 961-7850  (zmnl01 at igor.nap.amoco.com)

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