Peter Karp pkarp at NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV
Tue Aug 7 08:58:59 EST 1990

Well I wish someone had mentioned this idea of posting abstracts
earlier because I had about 10 of them online that we used to
prepare the printed proceedings from, but I deleted them after the
meeting.  I guess I can get them from a backup tape.  I assume the
plan is to put them on Dan's server rather than mail them to the list!

I would be interested to hear a summary of Patricia Morgan's (from
Science) comments, particularly since we don't have a hardcopy
abstract from her.  My recollection is that she offered two arguments
against the viability of electronic publication: current electronic
publishing cannot handle the halftones needed to publish photographs,
and the process is simply too expensive for current libraries to

It occurs to me that probably less than 5% of the papers in any
computer science journal (except for computer vision) contain
photographs, so the importance of the first argument is probably
discipline dependent.  Also, when I mentioned the second argument
to a friend they commented, "who needs libraries anyway?".  That is,
we could have direct distribution from publishers to readers.  


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