Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Mon Aug 6 18:06:12 EST 1990

Regarding your question about what model exists for scientific
discussions on newsgroups:

Computer scientists routinely carry on discussions of issues of
professional interest on USENET.  While the USENET comp groups have
their share of methods style questions, one is also likely to find
discussions of items of professional interest.

My model for bboard use stems from watching what goes on at meetings.
For example, at the recent BIO-MATRIX meeting our sessions went all
day and into the evening.  It took a bit of endurance to sit through
it all.  There never was enough time to answer everyone's questions.
After posting summaries of the talks further discussion could occur on
the newsgroup without forcing people to stay conscious through half a
dozen talks late in the evening.  In fact, I would think that the
potential is there to have more carefully considered comments since
people can take more time to reflect and compose their remarks.  Our
hope at the meeting was to start an electronic journal for the MATRIX
group.  Dan Davison is looking into posting the meeting abstracts.

Hope that this gives a better idea of how the newsgroups could be

Dave Kristofferson

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