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Don Gilbert gilbertd at silver.ucs.indiana.edu
Wed Aug 8 07:46:27 EST 1990

It's occurred to me that I've just recently seen a good example of how 
electronic publishing works now.  This recent note in bionet.molbio.genbank, 
from Rainer Fuchs of EMBL Data Library, is the abstract and pointer to a full 
article, possibly containing graphics, available in multiple formats, in an 
archive that interested readers can fetch:

(from Ranier Fuchs) -----------------{ 
 In addition to David Benton's recent posting:
 The features table format description is also available in electronic form via
 the EMBL File Server. It can be obtained by sending a mail message to
 NETSERV at EMBL.BITNET containing one of the following commands:
 GET DOC:FT_DEFINITION.HQX       /* to get a Macintosh Word 4.0 document */
 GET DOC:FT_DEFINITION.RTF       /* to get it in RTF format              */
 GET DOC:FT_DEFINITION.PS        /* to get it in PostScript format       */
 (The PostScript document may not print on every laserprinter, due to some
 peculiarities of the Macintosh laserwriter dictionary :-( )
 Rainer Fuchs, Ph.D.
 EMBL Data Library
 fuchs at embl.bitnet
Don.Gilbert at Iubio.Bio.Indiana.Edu
biocomputing office, indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405, usa

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