Where has the Matrix gone? Long story

Dan Davison davison at UHNIX2.UH.EDU
Thu Aug 2 20:18:05 EST 1990

> I have been sitting here patiently waiting for at least one of the
> many Matrix meeting participants to post something from their
> presentations at the recent meeting or at least post a question about
> something that was presented.  So far nothing but 

Well, most of the abstracts are not available electronically.  I have
on my list of things to do to call for folks to post their own
abstracts.  By coincidence, I received a disk from the GMU folks (IN
DBASE III!!!!) that may have something useful on it, but since I don't
have Dbase I may never know.  I can't do everything.

Thanks to Dave for starting things off.  Now, how about speakers
posting their extended abstracts and poster presenters their abstracts
in this newsgroup?  The session organizers will be requested to post
summaries of their sessions; I will be in touch with them by direct

Dave, some folks have other things to do...like go to other meetings
during the summer or (gasp) research...but really, thanks for starting
things off.

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