Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Tue Mar 13 13:46:58 EST 1990

Sorry that I wasn't clear on the following yesterday.  Please be sure
to specify the name of the newsgroup that you wish to subscribe to if
you send a note to any of the BIOSCI addresses that I mentioned
yesterday.  We have about 20 other newsgroups besides
HUMAN-GENOME-PROGRAM (see below) and I get a lot of mail other than
just from people on the MATRIX list.


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank On-line Service Manager

				kristoff at


BBOARD NAME                BITNET/EARN Name      USENET Newsgroup Name
-----------                ----------------      ---------------------
AGEING                     AGEING                bionet.molbio.ageing
AGROFORESTRY               AG-FORST              bionet.agroforestry
BIONEWS                    BIONEWS               bionet.general
BIOTECH                    BIOTECH     
BIO-JOURNALS               BIO-JRNL              bionet.journals.contents
BIO-MATRIX                 BIOMATRX    
BIO-SOFTWARE               BIO-SOFT    
EMBL-DATABANK              EMBL-DB               bionet.molbio.embldatabank
EMPLOYMENT                 BIOJOBS     
GENBANK-BB                 GENBANKB              bionet.molbio.genbank
GENOMIC-ORGANIZATION       GENE-ORG              bionet.molbio.gene-org
HUMAN-GENOME-PROGRAM       GNOME-PR              bionet.molbio.genome-program
METHODS-AND-REAGENTS       METHODS               bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts
MOLECULAR-EVOLUTION        MOL-EVOL              bionet.molbio.evolution
PIR                        PIR-BB                bionet.molbio.pir
POPULATION-BIOLOGY         POP-BIO               bionet.population-bio
PROTEIN-ANALYSIS           PROTEINS              bionet.molbio.proteins
SCIENCE-RESOURCES          SCI-RES               bionet.sci-resources
SWISS-PROT                 SWISSPRT    

BBOARD NAME                  TOPIC
-----------                  -----
AGEING                       Scientific Interest Group
AGROFORESTRY                 Scientific Interest Group
BIONEWS                      General announcements of widespread
                                interest to biologists
BIOTECH                      Biotechnology issues
BIO-CONVERSION               Scientific Interest Group
BIO-JOURNALS                 Tables of Contents of biological journals
BIO-MATRIX                   Applications of computers to biological databases
BIO-SOFTWARE                 Information on software for the
                                biological sciences
EMBL-DATABANK                Messages to and from the EMBL database staff
EMPLOYMENT                   Job opportunities
GENBANK-BB                   Messages to and from the GenBank database staff
GENOMIC-ORGANIZATION         Scientific Interest Group
HUMAN-GENOME-PROGRAM         NIH-sponsored newsgroup on human genome issues
METHODS-AND-REAGENTS         Requests for information and lab reagents
MOLECULAR-EVOLUTION          Scientific Interest Group
PIR                          Messages to and from the PIR database staff
POPULATION-BIOLOGY           Scientific Interest Group
PROTEIN-ANALYSIS             Scientific Interest Group
RESEARCH-NEWS                Research news of interest to the community
SCIENCE-RESOURCES            Information from/about the funding agencies
SWISS-PROT                   Messages to and from the SWISS-PROT database staff

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