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Subject: the GRIN database and internet

Hi everyone--I am requesting some help, and I think thsi list may be the
best place for it. I have been in contact with the USDA's Germplasm
Resources Information Network, which provides a very valuable database on
sources for plant material based on various growth habit and character.
One may even use the database to order seeds from germplasm collections
once identified by the database search.  The difficulty, however, is that
this service is reachable only through Telenet and long-distance dialing.
I have requested that they spend the $8000 or so to join internet, and
was told that they would like to, but need to know what the demand would
be for this (or some other network) access.  The person to contact is
 Jim Mowder
 BARC-West, Building 001
 Rm 130
 Beltsville, MD. 20705

I told him I was posting this request, and he is looking forward to a
positive response.  

Thanks for your help and/or redirection of this  request to a more appropriate

Paul Schneeman
Computing Services
Univ. of Calif. Davis

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