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Thu Oct 4 18:13:12 EST 1990

Another small follow-up to the medline/CDROM pricing question.

Several people have asked me where they can get CD-ROM players for
$500.  First, I said "on the order of $500," and was just trying to
give a ballpark figure.  Nevertheless, you all called me on it.  A
quick scan through the new issue of MacWorld, and I found several
places selling the NEC CDR-35 for less than $500 (e.g. on p. 43, the
price is quoted as $399).  A higher end (?) QUICKOR CD-ROM drive was
also advertised in the same issue (p. 359) for $695.  I don't know
anything about those particular drives (and am not endorsing any drive
or vendor!), but I think $500 is a pretty reasonable approximate
figure for the cost of a CD-ROM drive these days.

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