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Wed Oct 3 12:51:58 EST 1990

  Is there a way to access medline database on-line for literature
  search?  I understand that the medline database is available on
  CD-ROM. How expensive is it (CD-ROM medline database) in terms of
  hardware and software ? Is there any similar databases that one can
  access (other than BRS Colleague)? Many thanks in advance for your

  Dept. Mol. Bio.
  Wesleyan Univ.
  Middletown, CT 06457

Although medline is not available over the internet (yet), it is
available via dialup modem and via several other services.  CD-ROMs
are also available.  Pricing of the CD-ROMS depends on who will be
using it for what.  There are special prices for research users of the
CD-ROMS that are quite low.  As for hardware, you can find CD-ROM
drives for on the order of $500.  The cost of using the dialup
database is hourly (with off-peak discounts).

For more information, call the MEDLARS Management Section,
Bibliographic services division, National Library of Medicine at
(800) 638-8480

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