Request for lists of oncogenes

David Steffen steffen at
Wed Sep 19 10:44:57 EST 1990


  I am preparing to write a review on "tumor-related genes" and I am,
perforce, including in it a list of all know tumor-related genes.
This would include viral oncogenes, cellular oncogenes,
protooncogenes, antioncogenes/tumor suppressor genes, and probably
also genes detected by homology to the above.  E.G. I am going to try
to be fairly inclusive.  In addition to listing the genes I have
identified through my own reading and scouring the usual reviews and
textbooks, I would like to solicit the help of the net in this
endeavor.  I would be most grateful if any of you who have a machine
readable list of any such genes would email it to me.  If I receive
any responses I will post the final list to the net

  Thanks in advance!

-David Steffen-
 (steffen at <= Internet

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