xiaoli XIE at nyspi.bitnet
Fri Apr 5 16:23:26 EST 1991

I am a user of OS2  and now I have following problems:
1. I installed OS2 on my PC and I want to use a serial port (COM2) to
   connect to a printer but when I want to print a file, the printer did
   not respose.  I set COM2: speed 960; parity none;stop bit 1;length 8;
   hankshake none and connected COM2 to PRINTER1. Is there a trick to set
   a printer? I installed OS2 on others with paralell printer and it is fine.
   Please let me know if you know what the problem is?

2. I wrote a program using PROSPERO PASCAL to carry out linkage analysis. This
   program has to use the very big ARRAYs and RECORDs. I mean it needs a lot of
   space. So, when I compile I always get error message indicate that "SIZE EX-
   CEEDS 65520 BYTE". If I use large memory model, I can get rid of some of the
   errors but not all of them.
   Is there a way to solve this problem? If not, what is the advantage to use
   OS2? And are there some other computer languages can do so? (on PC)

Thanks in advance

Xiaoli Xie

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