Genbank server

Peter Karp pkarp at AI.SRI.COM
Tue Apr 30 15:39:32 EST 1991

Yesterday I was startled to learn that the schema for the relational
form of Genbank is available online.  Terrific!  For others who did
not know this, here is the help text returned by the Genbank mail
server, which tells how to obtain the schema and other sorts of information:

You have reached the email server for Group T-10 at Los Alamos National
Laboratory.  This email address is used to request automatic distribution
of various packages of software, documentation and data.
You can request a package from bioserve by sending a message containing
ONLY the name of the package to this address.  The following packages
are available:

====> alpar
This is a program to parse sequences from a pre-defined multiple sequence
alignment output.

====> alwin
This is a program that takes aligned sequences and performs a windowed majority
at each offset.  The output is suitable for plotting, and is a good visual tool
for finding similarity and dissimilarity in aligned sequences.

====> gb-awb
This is a postscript file for the GenBank Annotator's Workbench manual.

====> gb-journals
In order to avoid duplication of effort, the responsibility for scanning
and maintaining contacts for editorial policies with journals has been 
divided between the three databases, GenBank, the EMBL Data Library, and 
DDBJ. This is the list of journals that fall in the domain of each database.  

====> gb-schema
This is the GenBank schema document.

====> gb-subform
This is the GenBank on-line submission form for use in submitting sequence
data to the GenBank database.  This form should be used only if you are
unable to use the Authorin program.  For more information, write to
gb-sub%life at

====> gb-tp
This is the official description of the GenBank Transaction Protocol, including
the current entity definitions.  The files are in troff source format.

====> limb-data
This is the flatfle of the LiMB database.

====> limb-info
This is information on the LiMB database.

====> score
A Program for Computer-Assisted Scoring of Southern Blots

====> signal-scan
A program used to find transcriptional elements in DNA sequences

====> trna-scan

In addition, this server handles messages beginning with one of the
following commands:

   bug  - body of message contains a bug report, enhancement, or suggestion
   help - request for bioserve usage information (this message)

Any message that cannot be interpreted by the server causes this help
file to be sent.

If you need additional help using bioserve, please contact:

     michael%genome at

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