jovanovic at cuccfa.columbia.edu jovanovic at cuccfa.columbia.edu
Fri Aug 30 15:52:05 EST 1991

In article <CMM.0.88.682730418.kristoff at genbank.bio.net>
kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET (Dave Kristofferson) writes:
>If the newsgroup is still of use, I would humbly suggest that
>instructions for subscribing and posting to it be included routinely
>in a small box in the newsletter.  Many personal and server e-mail
>addresses were included in the letter but not the above.

I'm actually interested in the group, even though it seems a bit inactive at
the moment. It could use a regular posting explaining the purpose of the group
(otherwise people might think it has something to do with columns <g>). I'll
try getting in touch with some of the Bio-Matrix people, as if they don't have
anyone that can regularly deal with the group, I wouldn't mind taking on the

Oliver Jovanovic


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