In defense of the Genome Boondoggle

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> And if you are going to poo-pa
> theoretical understanding, then I have some papers for you to read!  Start
> with:
> author = "G. D. Stormo
>  and T. D. Schneider
>  and L. Gold
>  and A. Ehrenfeucht",
> title = "Use of the `Perceptron' algorithm to distinguish translational
> initiation sites in {E. coli.}",
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> volume = "10",
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> author = "L. Gold
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Nice C.V. Tom....   

Not be pick nits or anything, but this discussion seems to be going over
board.  Perhaps it is time to drop the dueling keyboards for a moment, and
spend some time in the thought process.  I would dearly love to see a sort
of debate go on on this subject (genome sequencing), but would like to suggest
a more refined type of discussion.  Perhaps we could have an address by
the proponents of the genome sequence initiative, formulated collectively
by a group via e-mail.  We could then also have an address by a group
that is against the genome initiative, again collectively written by 
a group.  This might reduce the flaming, and bring us all to a more in-depth
understanding of the issues from both sides.  We could then discuss the
issues that are disparate and not have to be reduced to singular views
or flaming wars.

I suspect that a large number of the people reading these messages are like
me.... in that I see many advantages to genome sequencing, but also quite
a few shortcomings/disadvantes as well.

So... who wants to be the head of the Pro Genome sequencing group (Tom??)
How about the Anti Genome sequencing group? (Did I hear a woof.. or was
it a non-woof?)


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