No Insults Intended, But...

Deaddog Ellington at Frodo.MGH.Harvard.EDU
Mon Feb 11 09:53:41 EST 1991

In article <620 at av8tr.UUCP> elliston at av8tr.UUCP (Keith Elliston) writes:
> Don't think that real science (what is that anyway???) is only done in
> academia.  The best science I have seen of late has been done in the
> industrial setting, and I don't think that I will ever consider
> going back into academia for this very reason.

I couldn't agree more.  Which is why I am currently making the rather
agonizing decision over whether to remain in academic science or go into
industry.  There is no reason that I couldn't Do What I Want To Do in 
industry; the real question is whether industry wants to do, What I Want
To Do (Do-Doop-De-Doop).

I am not anti-industry; I personally feel that some of the MOST innovative
science being done is coming out of industry.

But there is still a great deal of very good science that can only be done 
in an academic setting.  And this science is getting bashed about the head 
by falling funding.  And the Genome Boondoggle, that great Telephone Book of
Human Sequences, is not helping matters.



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