Biomatrix Society

Peter Karp pkarp at AI.SRI.COM
Fri Feb 22 14:56:35 EST 1991


	February, 1991 (SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO):	Organizers have announced the 
formation of "Biomatrix -- A Society for Biological Computation and 
Informatics."  The society is devoted to the establishment of an 
infrastructure for biological understanding based on information-processing 
technology.  It advocates the view that biological science, driven by enormous 
collections of data and a very large and diverse literature, can be better 
ordered and comprehended by applying new methods of data base management, 
artificial intelligence, computational theory and computer modeling.  The 
society's activities include meetings and workshops, electronic bulletin 
boards, networking, and a quarterly newsletter.  

	During its first year the group will be run by an executive committee 
consisting of Robert Bolender (University of Washington), Lindley Darden 
(University of Maryland), Dan Davison (University of Houston), Larry Hunter 
(National Library of Medicine), Peter Karp (SRI International), Harold 
Morowitz (George Mason University), and Chris Overton (Unisys Corp.).  The 
society will be administered by the Santa Fe Institute, a private, independent 
organization dedicated to multidisciplinary scientific research.  For more 
information contact Ginger Richardson, Santa Fe Institute, 1120 Canyon Road, 
Santa Fe, NM 87501 (grr at

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