WILKISOND at medcolwi.bitnet WILKISOND at medcolwi.bitnet
Thu Feb 28 11:30:00 EST 1991

Now that the wires have cooled down, I would like to make a call
to the biologists nonmoleculaire.  Remembering that the biomatrix
is built on the philosophy of analogy and homology of the entire
spectrum from DNA to behavior and function, let here from those doing
work other than gene analysis (trying to keep it noninflammatory).

Anyway, I am looking for some insight into possible neuronal simulation
programs and techniques which run on a PC.  I would like to develop some
simulations of pharmacology in individual neurons.  If I can work on someone
else's basic simulated neuron without having to develop de novo a simulation
it would save a year's time.

Anyone with a system or who knows of a package please contact me or post a
bit on the BBS.

Thanks in advance.

Douglas M. Wilkison
Med. College of Wisconsin
8701 Watertown Plank Rd.
Milwaukee, WI  53226

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