Oh foolish supporters of genome sequencing

Peter J. Tonellato tone at biomath.mscs.mu.edu
Mon Feb 11 15:57:21 EST 1991

In article <9102111918.AA00663 at morpheus.chpc.utexas.edu> m.witten at CERBERUS.CHPC.UTEXAS.EDU writes:
>I'm all for open discussion. But Im getting tired of the FLAME war. 

Agreed. This newsgroup is an obvious forum for the discussion of the
pro's and con's of scientific funding, emphasis, ... and (even)
direction and validity. As such, we are all obligated to contain
the personal attacks. I was disappointed that the nature of the 
discourse took the negative/critical track. I think it is important 
and useful to air the views and hear the arguments (both for and against any
topic of interest) of researchers from such diverse backgrounds.

My vote: Continue the discussion - without the nastiness.

Peter J. Tonellato

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