No Insults Intended, But...

Deaddog Ellington at Frodo.MGH.Harvard.EDU
Fri Feb 8 19:26:51 EST 1991

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kristoff at (David Kristofferson) writes:

> No, I am not doing "real science" any more, but, frankly, I am happy
> in my job and have no regrets.


> the Genome project will undoubtedly lead to all kinds of new jobs for
> people in this area, but many of those jobs would be in the private
> sector.  Thus one is confronted by the protest of young academics who
> are concerned about their money being sucked away.  I believe that if
> one looked at the overall picture without rose-colored glasses, one
> might actually find that these people might be better off if they
> considered other options.

So, would it be correct to paraphrase this as:  "As long as scientists 
don't mind not doing 'real science' there will be plenty of money for them?"



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