Action? No insults...

Wed Feb 6 14:00:00 EST 1991

	At least somebody was listening, but the entire point is that
we as a community must do something ourselves to help the community
survive and grow. I will repeat the final paragraph of my previous

	We can't solve the funding problem. But we should be working to
help the little guy as well as the big databases survive. How about a
database or clearing house for people who know of or are seaking to form
collaboratons for a particular project? How about a place to put research
ideas that you may not have the time or expertise to do yourself but
would like to see done? (This helps all the computer science students
asking the number one question- "Do you know of a project in the biological
field that I could work on and get a computer science degree?"). And
last but not least, a job listing where those who know of a job, or are
lookiong for a job can try and find the right environment to survive
with there multi-disciplinary interests. Bio-matrix meetings will not
be very interesting if there are few places and people working in the
field because researchers have had to get 'practical' and stay within
the confines of their own fields. How about trying to make the Bio-matrix
something more than just a summer meeting?

	It's great that NIH/NLM are seriously addressing database finding.
That doesn't help those looking for jobs, projects, collaborations NOW.
	Having done research in academia, a government laboratory and
the 'dreaded' industry, I am fully aware that one can survive practically
anything. (Though the industrial facility I worked for has recently
gone under). Nor do I see that it is too many baby boomers who have created
this problem. Yes, it is more acute now, but as the Science supplement
pointed out, the U.S. is behind both Germany and Japan in non-defence
R&D expenditures as a percentage of gross domestic product. One major
'problem', though I would consider it an opportunity, are the large number
of extremely qualified PhD. level scientist looking for a job who have
a 'green card problem'. They are having an extremely difficult time
getting a job that will help solve their problem. For them, industry is
often the only choice for employment. But without researchers who are
interested in both quality teaching and quality reseach entering
academia, what will the quality of the industrial and government labs
be without well trained PhDs to hire? That is why we need to band together
and work on our own behave in order to survive. There should be a choice
as to where one does research based on personel preference, my fear is
that too many really good people are dropping out of science altogether.
Furthermore, we might be a bunch of interdisciplinary (excuse the word)
misfits, but we are reaching a critical mass which means that we no
longer need to have a 'lack of identity' problem. Our interdisciplinary
interests should be our strength!!! We should be able to network better
than groups in only one discipline since we have contacts in so many
different types of departments, industrial and government labs.
	Is there anyone out there who is stable enough to supply a place
for the above suggested lists?

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