No Insults Intended, But...

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Sat Feb 9 02:21:43 EST 1991

> So, would it be correct to paraphrase this as:  "As long as scientists 
> don't mind not doing 'real science' there will be plenty of money for them?"
> Non-woof

If one wants to be cynical, yes.  I was trying to emphasize the fact
that many scientists are hung up over "real science."  It is also
possible to contribute to the progress of science in a non-academic
(gasp) support role (gag) AND be happy doing it (AND sometimes make a
bigger contribution to progress than those engaged in solitary
research projects ... look at how many publications never even get
cited).  Of course, one can imagine the psychological trauma that such
a change might entail if this meant giving up one's dreams of getting
into the history books 8-) (sly grin).


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