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>     All I know is that there are over 15,000 programs available publicly
>in source code form in this great computer/software country of ours, and
>I'm the only one that knows where.
>Gregory Aharonian
>Source Translation & Optimization

Seems to me that the recent NSF request for proposals on Research on Scientific
Databases would perhaps be a haven for your work.  Unfortunately the deadline
was May 15,1991, but perhaps there will be another opportunity or they have
extended the deadline.  Here is the place to ask:

    Dr. Maria Zemankova
     Program Director, Database and Expert Systems
     IRIS  --  Room 310
     National Science Foundation
     1800 G Street, N.W.
     Washington, D.C. 20550

     Telephone: 202-357-9570       Fax: 202-357-0320
     Email: mzemanko at

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