Authorization Warning

Authorization Warning Daemon authorisation%UK.AC.UKC at UGA.CC.UGA.EDU
Wed Nov 20 16:08:21 EST 1991

Regarding your mail to:$pavulurir at

On 1st October 1991 the UKnet Backbone at the University of Kent at Canterbury
functionally separated from the rest of the University of Kent at Canterbury.

Only mail that is destined for users actually at the University of Kent at
Canterbury (lecturers, students, etc) should still be sent to:

	ukc.uucp / /

All other mail should be sent to:

	uknet.uucp / /

This message is being sent to you because either a) you have explicitly, or b)
the machine you are using has by default, routed via:

	ukc.uucp / /

instead of:

	uknet.uucp / /

On this occasion your mail is being forwarded, but please switch to using the
correct routing in the future.

If you're a user and need advice talk to your local postmaster/administrator.

If you're a postmaster/administrator and need advice, mail

	postmaster at uknet.uucp / postmaster at / postmaster at


	+44 227 475497

if it's urgent.

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