Version 1.6 of the AI and MolBio researchers database

Larry Hunter hunter at
Thu Oct 24 19:02:51 EST 1991

Version 1.6 of the National Library of Medicine Database of
Researchers in Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Biology is ready
for downloading.

The Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications of the
National Library of Medicine has compiled a database of scientists,
graduate students, funding agents, and other researchers active in the
field of artificial intelligence and molecular biology.  This database
contains the names, institutional affiiliations, addresses, telephone
and fax numbers, email addresses, and research interests of more than
175 researchers.

The purpose of the database is to facilitate scientific communication
among this geographically and academically diverse group of
researchers.  The database will be made available by anonymous ftp
from the internet, and by email upon request to researchers who do not
have internet access.  The internet host is
(  The files are stored in the directory /pub/aimb-db.
You can log in as user "anonymous" with your email address as your
password.  The README file contains all you need to know about the
database and how to use it.

The database will also be available via email request from the
University of Houston biocomputing server.

I hope this database is useful to the community.  Please send any
comments, corrections or questions to me at the address below.

Lawrence Hunter, PhD.
National Library of Medicine
Bldg. 38A, MS-54
Bethesda. MD 20894
(301) 496-9300
(301) 496-0673 (fax)
hunter at (internet)

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