Newsletter correction

Dan Davison dbd at THEORY.BCHS.UH.EDU
Thu Sep 12 15:11:06 EST 1991

Everyone who has paid their dues to the Society should now have
received the hardcopy newsletter. I left off a masthead, and it is
attached below.

Contributions for the next newsletter closes November 1, 1991 and
should be mailed by Dec. 1, 1991.  If you have a announcement for
the newsletter or are interested in writing a column every other
issue, please contact me.

Membership info is available; see the last entry on the masthead

dan davison

The masthead:

     The Biomatrix Newsletter

  Published three times a year by 
Biomatrix--A Society for Biological 
    Computation and Informatics

       Newsletter Editors
          Dan Davison
         Chris Overton
          David Searls

       Ronda Butler-Villa

        Biomatrix Society
       Executive Committee
         Robert Bolender
         Lindley Darden
          Dan Davison
          Larry Hunter
           Peter Karp
         Harold Morowitz
          Chris Overton

       Ginger Richardson
       Santa Fe Institute
      1660 Old Pecon Trail
           Suite A
       Santa Fe, NM 87501
       grr at

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