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                     Call for Papers and Referees

                Sequence Analysis Algorithms based on
                 Physicochemistry and Thermodynamics

       A Minitrack of the Biotechnology Computing Track of the
        Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences-26
                  Kauai, Hawaii - January 5-8, 1993

Genes are not amorphous materials on which evolution writes messages,
they are the product of a rather complicated cellular machinery and
should show the trace of the dynamics of such a machinery. The
efficiency and accuracy of DNA and RNA processing steps (replication,
transcription, edition and translation) depends to a certain extent on
the local or global physicochemical properties, which in general will
be functions of the base composition.  Modulations in the base
composition are common in genetic material, and are predictable from
an analysis of physicochemical properties. These modulations can form
the basis of algorithms for the estimation of the local or semilocal
(at domain level) efficiency and accuracy of the different processing
steps and are likely to be useful tools for the analysis of very large
genetic sequence data.

This minitrack will consider the restrictions that physicochemical
aspects of the DNA and RNA cell processing machinery impose on base
composition and on their implications for algorithmic analysis.  Both
experimental and computational aspects will be discussed in the
minitrack, leading perhaps to a synthesis which might help in the
analysis of very large genetical sequence data basis such as the
"human genome" program.  Papers are invited in relevant experimental
and computational aspects.  Areas of special interest include advances

   * DNA and RNA physicochemical and thermodynamical experimental work
   * Experimental work and models of ribosome dynamics
   * Modeling of the physicochemical properties of DNA and RNA
   * Algorithms based in codon usage and on physicochemical properties and
     on the features of tRNA-mRNA and rRNA-mRNA interactions
   * Models and computational analysis of intron dynamics.

   Instructions for authors:

   Manuscripts should be 22-26 typewritten, double-spaced pages in  10  or
   12 point type; do not send submissions significantly longer or shorter.
   Papers must not  have  been  previously  presented  or  published,  nor
   currently submitted for journal publication. Each  manuscript  will  be
   refereed by at least five reviewers. Manuscripts should include a title
   page that identifies the title of the paper, the full  name(s)  of  the
   author(s), affiliation(s), complete mailing and electronic address(es),
   telephone number(s) and a 300 word abstract of the paper.

   Members of the community willing to serve as referees should send their
   name, electronic and physical  address,  phone  numbers  and  areas  of
   interest to the program chair. Authors of submissions to this minitrack
   may not serve as referees.


   * A 300 word abstract is due April 30, 1992.
   * Feedback to the authors concerning the abstract by May 15, 1992.
   * Six copies of the manuscript are due by June 5, 1992.
   * Notification of accepted papers by August 30, 1992.
   * Accepted camera ready manuscripts are due by October 1, 1992

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Other minitracks to be held at HICSS-26 in the Biotechnology Track are:

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* Methods for Dealing with Errors and Uncertainty in Molecular  Biology
         Calculations and Databases.
* AI technologies for Molecular Biological Analysis
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* Alternative Approaches to Sequence Representation
* Simulation Methods in Computational Neuroscience
* Computer-Aided Drug Design
For general inquiries, including how to contact other minitrack chairs,
please contact the Track chair:

Lawrence Hunter
National Library of Medicine
Building 38A, Mail Stop 54
Bethesda, Maryland 20894

(301) 496-9300
(301) 496-0673 (fax)
hunter at nlm.nih.gov

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