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Dan Davison Davison at UH.EDU
Sun Aug 23 21:38:42 EST 1992

mwitten at said:
> Well, to be brutally honest, I've paid for the past three years
> and gotten nothing but one newsletter. I don't know what this is
> about and I am feeling rather foul (fowl) about it!
> Matthew

I fully understand Matt's frustration. I have been asking for a
electronic copy of the mailing list from the SFI folks for months and
have to date received one hardcopy listing.  

One of the problems with the Biomatrix Society is that we have a small
number of people trying to do many jobs in addition to their actual
scientific and non-scientific lives. If we could recruit additional
people into leadership positions we could get a lot more done.  A
future issue of the newsletter will address this point.

But, in answer to Matt's comment, if it's not serving your needs in
some sense, blow it off (or help to make it better).  I can't even get
regular help with the newsletter!


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