Bio Matrix conference.

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Wed Dec 16 16:27:48 EST 1992

> I continue to develop my oncogene database, and I am very interested
> in these issues.  I would very much like to do my work within the
> context of standards.  In fact, one of the more frustrating problems
> with my database has been the struggle to *FIND* standards; e.g. for
> gene names.  (I have good reason to believe that this is not trivial.)
> I would like to take this opportunity to initiate a discussion on the
> standards available for storing biological data (e.g. the kind of
> stuff that is in the FEATURES part of Genbank).
> If there is any interest, I would be delighted to post a description
> of my database for public examination.
> -- 
> David Steffen


	Part of NCBI's charter, according to my possibly incorrect
understanding, is to guide these efforts.  It would seem to be a good
idea if people who are going to establish new databases (and continue
to maintain older ones), took the time to meet with them and hash
these things out.  I am not sure what their formal policy is on this
and whether or not there is a specific contact person for these kind
of issues, but hopefully someone from NCBI can comment on this in this

Dave Kristofferson

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