Biomatrix Society and newsgroup status

Dan Davison Davison at UH.EDU
Wed Dec 30 17:41:24 EST 1992

brianf at (Brain Foley) writes:
>>Why are all these people not using to discuss
>>their latest exciting topics?  Is there a journal of bio-information
>>that I should be reading instead?  Is CABIOS really all that there is?

David Kristofferson replied:
> Perhaps Dan Davison can comment on this but I am getting the distinct
> impression that BIOMATRIX is a dead organization (I'm referring to the
> society, not just the newsgroup).  They tried to collect dues a while
> back and I am not sure if anyone responded.

Neither am I.  The general problem is that we have not recruited new
people into the organization.  "Older" members of the Biomatrix
Society are drifting off into other areas; for instance, the person
who was supposed to do the last newsletter "vanished" off the net.

Much of the effort that went into the Biomatrix Society has gone into
the IS/MB group, with the upcoming workshop and summer school.  It may
be that the Biomatrix effort needs to fold into it; at the moment, the
Biomatrix Society is a co-sponsor (see below).

The bio-matrix newsgroup can be used exactly as Brian proposes, and
I've noticed a few related messages in the last few weeks.  To start
the new year, I will post the Biomatrix message as a way to start

There are projects ongoing:

-"Engines of Discovery: A Biomatrix Primer" ed. by Robert Bolender and
Dan Davison is in the "almost contract" stage with a University Press.
When a contract is finished it will be announced here.

-The Biomatrix Society is one of the sponsors of the Intelligent
Systems in Molecular Biology (IS/MB) meeting coming up this summer.
We may also be a co-sponsor of the summer school in 1994. 

-We are trying to put together a meeting in 1994 as an add-on to the
Genes and Machines west coast meeting, but it is way, way too soon to
say whether that will actually happen

-The newsletter will come out when we get either (1) another editor;
or (2) regular columnists to contribute to the newsletter.  Much as I
would like to be able to carry the load myself, I can't.

Comments are welcome and can be directed to me or to the newsgroup
( or biomatrix at

Happy holidaze, y'all...


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