Dan Davison Davison at UH.EDU
Mon Jul 27 10:58:03 EST 1992

Dr. Randy Zauhar said:
> I believe I am presently on the biomatrix newsgroup, but I never recall
> receiving any sort of membership notice (I am relatively new to BIONET).
> Could someone explain the "Please Renew!!!" message?

The Bio-matrix news group is one of the services of the Biomatrix
Society. The newsgroup is a FREE service.  My note was directed to the
member of the Biomatrix Society, not the Bio-matrix newsgroup.

Membership information for the Biomatrix Society (not the newsgroup)
can be obtained from Ms. Ginger Richardson, grr at

dr. dan davison/dept. of biochemical and biophysical sciences/univ. of
Houston/4800 Calhoun/Houston,TX 77204-5934/davison at at UHOU

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