Bioinformantics Grad Studies information request

Larry Hunter hunter at
Mon Oct 5 16:11:37 EST 1992

Jeff Bryer writes:

  I am looking for any information that anyone can give me about doing either a
  Master's degree or a PhD in the field of Bioinformantics.

I know of at least four graduate programs with explicit emphasis on

* University of Pittsburgh (in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon). A new program
  in computational biology, funded by the Keck Foundation. For information on
  that program, contact Bruce Buchanan (buchanan at

* George Mason University.  A new program in Computational Science and
  Informatics.  [I am currently teaching the bioinformatics course there.]  For
  more information, contact Harold Morowitz (hmorowitz at

* Washington State University, Pullman.  A program in computational science
  including biology that has been going for at least three years.  For more
  information, contact Keith Dunker (dunker at

* Washington University, St. Louis.  They have just instituted a new Institute
  for Biological Computing, which will begin admitting students next fall.  For
  more information contact David States (states at

In addition, there are some longstanding programs in medical informatics that
now include some emphasis on computational biology:

* Stanford Medical School.  One nation's best medical informatics program,
  recently hired Russ Altman to teach computational biology.  For information,
  contact Ted Shortliffe (shortliffe at

* Yale Medical School.  Also has expanded its informatics program to include
  computational biology.  For information, contact Perry Miller
  (miller at

And there are many departments of computer science or biology which offer the
possibility of pursuing studies in computational biology.  This is certainly
not an exhaustive list.  My appologies to anyone I left out.

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