Where are the Bio-Matricians?

Peter Jensen pjensen at husc8.harvard.edu
Thu Apr 22 01:16:19 EST 1993

I have an interest in the Bio-matrix concept.

One of my supervisors suggested that I find out about the status
of the project and who was actually doing something with it, and whether
there were any meetings planned.  I mailed the Houston server and got back
a pretty basic blurb.

It would be nice to have an "aimb"-like database for Bio-matricians.
I can compile one of these if interest is high enough, mail me your info
using the same format for aimb (look in ncbi.nlm.nih.gov).

Seems there hasn't been much traffic on this newsgroup of late - are there
any ongoing projects?  Or has the idea been subsumed under the genome
project & its appendages?  Shouldn't it be the one subsuming? 

Is it only a dream?

   Peter Jensen
   jensen at biosun.harvard.edu

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