Where are the Bio-Matricians?

Peter Jensen pjensen at husc8.harvard.edu
Tue Apr 27 22:44:14 EST 1993

Davison at UH.EDU (Dan Davison) writes:

>The AIMB database *is* the "biomatrician" database. The two groups
>completely overlap at present.

  I have only received one reply to this offer, and it was from someone
already in the aimb database.  I thought that some biomatricians wouldn't
consider themselves ai molecular biologists, and I wanted to find out just
who thought that they were doing something 'trixy.  Few have replied...so
drop the database idea for now.  Please drop me a line, however, and let
me know if you're up to anything interesting.  I'd love to hear from you.

>The project is in stasis; we haven't been able to recruit new people
>into the gorup and the people who were active are pursuing other
>things (like the IS/MB conference mentioned here last week).  

>> Is it only a dream?

>The organized group, yes.  The ideas, no.  There are lots of
>biomatrix-related projects going on; it is just that there does not
>seem to be a need for an organization just yet.  The mailing
>list/newsgroup could be used to let others know of biomatrix-related
>activities, but isn't.

   Well, I am interested in this idea.  I'm putting a lot of thought into
it, only because it (and there should be considerable debate about exactly
what "it" is) seems the only way out of the impending informatic morass
that will affect biology.  However, there are some sharply controversial
issues involved in how a bio-matrix system would work.  These shouldn't be
left to the programmers to decide, nor should some bureaucracy impose its
will, instead the net itself should contribute to its own evolution. 

   Of course, some people will say that the technology is years off for the
construction of this sort of system, but that discussion is better suited
for the comp groups.  What do you want biology to look like?  Forget the
technology - that's just a programming problem.  I'm afraid that this
newsgroup is going to continue to stagnate, and so I end with an ultimatum
to rattle the punters: 

   This matrix is going to be built.

Peter Jensen
jensen at biosun.harvard.edu

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