Can Genbank and PIR accession numbers ever be the same?

David Steffen steffen at
Wed Apr 28 16:43:49 EST 1993

I am working on an oncogene database which includes, among other
things, a list of Genbank and PIR sequences of each gene.  I am
assuming, based on what I have read on this list that Genbank, EMBL,
and DDBJ all use the same accession number for the same sequence so
that the list of Genbank accession numbers gives access to all three

My question is, will a Genbank sequence and a PIR sequence ever have
the same accession number - that is, do I need to use both the
accession number and the database to insure a unique key?

I would be glad to hear from anyone, but mostly am looking for a
definitive answer from someone in authority.

P.S. I have just put a preliminary version of my database up under
gopher.  This gopher is not yet linked to gopherspace (via the main
Baylor gopher) but should be "Real Soon Now".  In the mean time, y'all
can gopher on over to and check it out.


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