New Bio-GOPHER at the IIB (Madrid-SPAIN)

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Wed Dec 22 07:21:12 EST 1993

	Hi to you all.

	This is to announce the availability of an FTP and Gopher Server
at the Biomedical Research Institute, at Madrid (SPAIN). Its name is

	The goodies described here are for the most part actually placed
in the server, hence obtaining them from it doesn't suppose any hop to
another remote server.

	In practic]e, almost everything that you find outside the folder
"Gopher Links" is really placed in the very server. The most obvious
exceptions are the links to the Spanish EMBNet node and to RedIRIS,
the Spanish central InterNet node, placed at the upper level.

	With respect to software, this computer is mainly devoted to
Mac Software. In the near future servers for UNIX, VMS or MS-DOS may be
made available. As for now only a limited subset of VMS utilities are
available there.


		You can get the latest versions of Prosite, Blocks, TFD
(with a version specially adapted for use with MacPattern --see Readme--),
EPD, Alu and Berlin. If we can get enough band-width we'll try to maintain
the FlyBase from Ashburner too.

		We have installed a copy of the "Biocomputing Survival Guide"
from the University of Basel. It is an excelent introductory book into
Sequence Analysis with GCG, oriented to people who the closest computer
thay have been was in the screen of a movie. I find it VERY interesting.
It is in /pub/Docs/InterNet/BIOSCI-Bionet. The paper edition is to be
released approximately by now. Please read carefully the Copyright notice
and honor its author by paying the group fees.

		"Zen and The Art of the Internet" is the reference book to
navigate the InterNet. A geme available in its but-last edition. It is in
/pub/Docs/InterNet. The latest edition is available on paper, greatly
enhanced from your local bookseller as a Prentice-Hall book.

		And to make it easier to introduce biologists to the
InterNet, you can also get "A Biologist Guide To InterNet", a similar book
written with biologists in mind. It is also in /pub/Docs/InterNet.

		Also, you can also get some hypertext guides for the Mac
describing how to use the InterNet to neofits. You'll need HyperCard to
use them.

		All published BioBits can be consulted from this server
in /pub/Docs/InterNet/BIOSCI-Bionet/BioBit. They are general descriptions
of different aspects of Bionet and common biocomputing problems edited
by Rob Harper and published in Bio+Nauts through the las years.

		In addition you can also get the full collection of
bulletins of the European Molecular Biology Network (EMBnet) from
/pub/Docs/InterNet/EMBnet, as well as the EMBnet help files upon
several general interest topics and an introduction to internet
resources from the EMBnet viewpoint (Internet Resource Guide.EMBnet)

		We have arranged with the MIT to redistribute in this
Gopher the electronic version of their journal JIR (the mini-JIR). The
first issues ('93) are already available from /pub/Docs/Mini-J.I.R.

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