The Biomatrix: what it is

Richard M. Romanowski rmr at
Mon Feb 1 13:43:42 EST 1993

Davison at UH.EDU (Dan Davison) writes:

>cherry at OPAL.MGH.HARVARD.EDU said:
>> Finally, what is the timeframe considered by the BioMatrix group.  Is
>> the BioMatrix another Xanadu project? Is this an endeavor that is
>> waiting for significance technology advancements in software
>> development or are there many active projects currently being pursued
>> with the Matrix as a goal.

>Perhaps it could be considered a Xanadu project; but I prefer to
>consider it a philosophy. We aren't out there applying for money to do
>the Biomatrix through some Grand Institute of The Biomatrix.  We are
>trying to encourage information providers and information designers to
>allow the kinds of access that Gopher and WAIS are the bare beginnings
>of.  Consider us an advocacy group for a way to think about and access
>the entire spectrum of biological information.

	What is the Xanadu project?

	Is there a specific twist to information theory just with biology?


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