Psoriatic Arthropathy

Fri Jan 8 09:26:42 EST 1993

Hi Networkers,

Sorry if this is an inappropriate posting but I am trawling the net!

A friend of mine has been suffering (since age 11) with what appeared to be
rheumatoid arthritis.  Recently this has been diagnosed as a psoriatic
arthropathy which has all the characteristics of chronic-relapsing rheumatoid

Recently the periods of remission have become shorter and some researchers in
Middlesex (Northwick Park?) have suggested that this condition as well as being
an autoimmune condition may be triggered by changes in the gut flora/fauna, in
particular levels of Candida in the alimentary canal and also its
morphologoical state (budding vs. pseudomycelial form). 

The diet (I understand Candida diets are all the rage) is quite restrictive:

No sugary foods
High Complex carbohydrate diet
High Protein
No alcohol

In addition to the diet a prophylactic dose of nystatin is taken to counter 
the Candida in the gut.

Does anyone know where I can find out who might be working on this particular
autoimmune condition, the efficacy of the diet and what the actual metabolic
rationale behind it is.

Many thanks,

Tony Parsons

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