The Biomatrix: what it is

Dan Davison Davison at UH.EDU
Wed Jan 27 11:07:50 EST 1993

cherry at OPAL.MGH.HARVARD.EDU said:
> Finally, what is the timeframe considered by the BioMatrix group.  Is
> the BioMatrix another Xanadu project? Is this an endeavor that is
> waiting for significance technology advancements in software
> development or are there many active projects currently being pursued
> with the Matrix as a goal.

Perhaps it could be considered a Xanadu project; but I prefer to
consider it a philosophy. We aren't out there applying for money to do
the Biomatrix through some Grand Institute of The Biomatrix.  We are
trying to encourage information providers and information designers to
allow the kinds of access that Gopher and WAIS are the bare beginnings
of.  Consider us an advocacy group for a way to think about and access
the entire spectrum of biological information.

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