Info wanted on grad studies in genetics (computer related)

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Tue Jul 13 10:16:59 EST 1993

Subject: Info wanted on grad studies in genetics (computer related)
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Organization: University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

(I apologize if this gets posted twice)

I am interested in beginning a Masters program in Genetics at a
Canadian university.  I would prefer a program which emphasizes
computer analysis and/or modeling.

I had planned on starting my program in January of 1994 but
circumstances have recently arisen which may make it possible
for me to begin in the fall (September) of 1993.

I currently hold a Bachelor of Science (Honours - 1st class) from
the University of Manitoba in Genetics.  I also hold an NSERC
fellowship for two years of study at the Masters level tenurable
in Canada only.  I also have practical laboratory experience in
molecular biology techniques.

If anyone has any suggestions as to which Universities to consider
(and specifics as to the labs) I would appreciate any information
that you can give me.

I realize that September is fast approaching but I am willing to start
a little later (ie January 1994).  I would prefer to begin in
September however.

Thank you
Jeff Bryer

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Jeff Bryer              
B.Sc(Hon) Genetics     
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