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                 Computational Molecular Biology and
                      Machine Learning Workshop

                   Machine Learning Conference 1994
		         Rutgers University

                          Program Committee:

               Michiel Noordewier (Rutgers University)
               Lindley Darden (Rockefeller University)

Description and Focus

This workshop will focus on the application of methods from machine
learning to the promising problem area of molecular biology.  A goal
is to consolidate a machine learning faction in the emerging field of
computational biology.

One problem area is identified as genetic sequence search and
analysis, and protein structure prediction.  Biological sequences have
become a ready source of sample data for machine learning approaches
to classification.  Recently such sequences have also provided
problems for sophisticated pattern recognition paradigms, including
those borrowed from computational linguistics, Bayesian methods, and
artificial neural networks.  This workshop will bring together workers
using such diverse approaches, and will focus on the rich set of
problems presented by the recent availability of extensive biological
sequence information.

Another area of applicability of ML techniques to molecular biology is
in the application of computational discovery methods.  Such methods
are employed for forming, ranking, evaluating, and improving
hypotheses.  Learning strategies using analogies or homologies among
molecules or processes from different organisms or species are also of

The format of the workshop will be the presentation of short papers
followed by panel discussions.

Submission Requirements

Persons wishing to attend the workshop should submit three copies of a
1-2 page research summary including a list of relevant publications,
along with a phone number and an electronic mail address.

Persons wishing to make presentations at the workshop should submit
three copies of a short paper (no more than 10 pages) or extended
abstract, in addition to the research summary.  All submissions must
be received by May 1, 1994.  Notification of acceptance or
rejection will be mailed to applicants by May 15, 1994.

A set of working notes will be distributed at the workshop.  Camera
ready copies of papers accepted for inclusion in the working notes of
the workshop will be due on June, 15, 1994.

The timetable is as follows:

        Abstracts, papers, etc due to chair             1 May
        Decisions made, submitters get feedback        15 May
        Final working-note submissions rcv'd by chair  15 June
        workshop date                                  10 July, 1994

Please send one copy to each organizer:

Michiel Noordewier
Department of Computer Science
Rutgers University
Hill Center; Busch Campus
New Brunswick, NJ 08903

Lindley Darden
The Rockefeller University
c/o Lederberg Lab; Box 174
1230 York Avenue
NY, NY l0021-6399
(212) 327-7812
(212) 327-8651 (fax)  
darden at

This workshop is being held in conjunction with  

            ML '94                             COLT '94

  Eleventh International Conference        Seventh ACM Conference on
         on Machine Learning             Computational Learning Theory
          July 10-13, 1994                     July 12-15, 1994

For general registration and housing information, please contact 
Priscilla Rasmussen (rasmussen at; 908-932-2768).

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