Como se dice "to clone" en castellano? Dictionary/text needed.

AL R. PLUMMER aplummer at
Fri Aug 11 11:15:49 EST 1995

Raymond Mejia (ray at wrote:

: Hello folks.  Can anyone tell me the Spanish translation for "to clone"?
: Many technical terms in English are used in other languages, and this may
: be one of them.  But, I do not know.

: I have a colleague preparing to lecture in Spanish, who needs a technical 
: dictionary (or text, perhaps) that includes terms used in -molecular 
: biology. Any suggestions?  Thank you.

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To clone=Clonar.  Sorry, but I do not know of a technical Castellano-
English dictionary.  You might contact Dr. James Mattoon at 
jmattoon at with your query.  He lectures in Brazil
and Argentina on a regular basis.


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