Bogus Postings From Your Site

Rogene M. Eichler West rogene at LENTI.MED.UMN.EDU
Wed Oct 11 00:05:20 EST 1995

> Note the three email messages below posted to the bio-matrix mail list.

Jon - 

Please see my previous posting. The offending poster has been identified
and the officials at University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign (UIUC) are 
taking action against this individual.

Sending mail to "Postmaster" at this mailing list address will do you no
good because:

1) The system admins from UIUC would not be monitoring the list to read
your concern

2) The evil poster does not read this list - she just bulk posted to all
lists available through UIUC

3) This mailing list is *unmoderated* which means that there is no human
filtering system to remove offending material, thus no one to blame that it
slipped through.

> I realize full well that it is not an easy task to ferret this malcontent out.

See point 3 above. There is no one to point a finger at. If all users used 
the internet in a responsible fashion, human gatekeepers would not be required.
Unfortunatley, until a "bogus filter" can be written or unless someone
wishes to moderate this newsgroup, this problem is bound to continue.

> I am sure if you poll readers of the bio-matrix mailing list you will find
> MANY irrate users just now.  

Indeed. In fact, this person posted to thousands of newsgroups so I suspect
the entire internet community is feeling this way. According to an official
at UIUC, the person received *thousands* of hate-mail messages in response
to these bogus postings. The account has been closed. Any flames you send 
will never be read by that individual. Sending mail now will just increase 
the number of deletes that the sys admin needs to perform to clean this mess 

Fortunatley, this poster had a university address. Action was taken by
contacting central computing at the school. (Clearly a misuse of account
privledges.) However, it is not so easy to track down info on bogus
*.com accounts. That will be the ground for future battles.



Rogene M. Eichler West
U of Minnesota

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