MOREplus a WWW cataloging and database tool

Bob Terry rhterry at Access.Mountain.Net
Tue Jan 16 15:36:09 EST 1996

Build and Maintain Complex Web-based Retrieval Systems for High-Value

Unlike many Web search engines, and database forms generation tools, MOREplus
is built for information assets that have high value to customers -- customers
who don't have much time to muddle through long lists of assets. This need
arises as organizations seek to promote and distribute proprietary and mission
critical information across traditional boundaries. Corporate best practice
descriptions, metrics data, or software can all be examples of high-value
information assets.

MOREplus provides a lot more than an Internet search engine. It enables you
to meet a broad set of constraints and demands that are imposed on suppliers
of such high-value assets -- without hiring a cadre of Web gurus.

MOREplus is a World Wide Web-based cataloging and database tool. MOREplus
allows you to develop, deploy and maintain complex information retrieval
systems without writing Common Gateway Interface-based (CGI) scripts or
developing databases. MOREplus can manage a broad range of file types that
are located anywhere on the Web.

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