Mutation Database Association

Rania Horaitis horaitis at ARIEL.UCS.UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Sun Jul 7 20:58:42 EST 1996

We are trying to establish a database of mutations,and we thought some of
you may be interested in the formation of an alliance of database curators
and a mutation database association.

I am forwarding you information about a web site, if anyone is interested
please fill out the questionnaire (contained in the web site) and email it
back to me.
(Some of you may already have received this, if so , you do not need to
fill it out again, it means that you are on another mailing list).

Could you also indicate how you received information about this initaitive;
ie: bionews,mutation,personal email etc...?


A mutation database website has been set up to facilitate communication
between those interested in locus specific mutation databases and their
integration into a system which allows access via computers to up to date
lists of mutations in genes.

We have set up this website in the interest of effective communication  to
distribute relevant material regarding the initiative, as well as promote
discussion about plans.

This is a collaboration between    R.Cotton, C.Scriver and V.McKusick.

The address:



Rania Horaitis
Mutation Research Centre
St.Vincents Hospital,
41 Victoria Pde,
Fitzroy, Melb. 
VIC 3062
pH: 61-3-9288-2982
Fax: 61-3-9288-2989 

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